Poll: Vast Majority Of Public Believe It Is Wrong For James Kelly To Pressure People To Date Him

Katy Montgomerie
3 min readNov 24, 2021


An important question directly related to Scotland’s GRA Reform, apparently

A groundbreaking new poll of 3113 people finds that an overwhelming majority of people think that it is wrong for James Kelly to pressure people into dating him.

Is it wrong for James Kelly to pressure people into dating him?

Yes: 97.4%
No: 2.6%

When asked for comment Kelly said “Self-selecting polls have no scientific validity, but by all means perform the exercise correctly by commissioning a properly structured and weighted poll from a British Polling Council-affiliated firm”. Members of the public pointed out that on another occasion Kelly had denied that Twitter polls are “worthless”, however. Kelly did not comment on which way he had voted in the poll, if at all, or on the validity of the question.

The Alba Party (for which Kelly is an elected member) did not win any seats in the May 6th Scottish Election

This poll was asked in response to Kelly’s poll asking if it is wrong to pressure people into dating trans people that they are not attracted to, something that is obviously universally condemned by the trans community and everyone else. It is not clear why Kelly thinks that trans people would want to date people who aren’t attracted to them, or why he thinks this is related to GRA Reform, which is about allowing trans people to update their legal documents for marriage and death and a few other things. Kelly said that he spent “thousands of pounds” on this poll.

This story comes off the back of the recent disaster BBC article “We’re being pressured into sex by some trans women”. In the article, reporter Caroline Lowbridge failed to mention that she was told in advance that her only named source, Lily Cade, was a serial sexual assaulter of women. (Lily Cade then went on to call for the genocide of trans people and rape of mothers with trans children off the back of her heightened platform). The journalist also failed to note that the author of the only “study” in the article, Get The L Out, are an anti-trans hate group who have signed the WHRC Declaration calling to remove almost all trans rights. The “study”, which only had 80 respondents, calls all trans people rapists simply by existing, and offers up “examples” of trans women pressuring cis people into dating them like a woman who proposed a threesome with a trans woman before realising she was trans, and someone who knowingly dated a trans woman for a period of time before becoming radicalised into “Gender Critical” ideology and deciding afterwards that dating trans people is bad. The article also included a woman responding to a homophobic sticker campaign without mentioning it was by “Gender Critical” activists and made to look like it was from trans people, several factually false claims about the sexuality of trans people, and the verified lie that no trans people responded to Lowbridge’s request for interview.

Significantly over 99% of all sex attacks are carried out by cis people. Over half of trans people are victims of sexual assault in their lifetimes, a rate nearly three times higher than cis women and over fifteen times higher than cis men.

If it’s not fucking obvious there is absolutely no evidence that James Kelly is pressuring people to date him, just like there is no evidence at all that there is an issue with trans people pressuring people to date them. The original question he asked was a classic example of a “have you stopped hitting your wife?” question based around one of the most popular anti-trans propaganda topics at the moment. My poll and the part of this article about him is satire of his.



Katy Montgomerie

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