“Gender Critical” People Don’t Even Know What The GRA Is

So what does it do?

The GRA allows trans people to get something called a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) which allows them to get married and die in dignity, along with a couple of other things (most notably you do not need a GRC to update your passport or any other form of ID). Today obtaining a GRC is pointlessly and intentionally difficult to the point where most trans people don’t even bother, resulting in all kinds of unnecessarily cruel situations like this lady, my friend, who recently died and had to legally be recorded as a man in death. The proposed reform would bring the process of obtaining a GRC in line with the difficulty of updating your passport and other legal ID.

How has this happened?

Anti-trans groups and the British media have nicknamed GRA Reform as “Self ID”, no doubt a phrase you will see a lot from GC people. This refers to how the reform proposals suggest removing the requirement of needing a medical diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria to get a GRC (again, bringing it in line with passports and others). But with that phrase they are able to fearmonger up the idea that the reform would take us from a world where there is strict regulation on who is trans and who isn’t, to one with no rules at all, with the implication that only those officially designated as trans women can use women’s spaces. This is of course false, and anyone who has done any research on this at all will know that, but those campaigning against it don’t care. In fact you will often see them using “Self ID” to mean GRA reform, using sex segregated spaces and other trans rights such as healthcare interchangeably. This is part of their recruiting strategy; if you don’t want a man watching your daughter undress then you’re opposed to “self ID” so you should oppose the GRA reform, even though it’s completely unrelated to that.

So what can we do?

The British media is completely broken beyond repair and a lot of GC people are far too indoctrinated to ever change their minds (Have you ever noticed how most of them seem to have dedicated their entire lives to this? No one is just a little bit GC). I think the best course of action is firstly writing to your MP explaining the current law, what the reform should contain, and address the main “concern” by pointing out that it doesn’t make sense. Secondly I think that it’s worth countering this misinformation calmly and clearly whenever you encounter it online or in real life. Don’t expect to change the mind of the people spreading it, just make the counter information available for passers by. Thirdly don’t let them turn the argument into something completely unrelated as they will almost certainly try to do, stay on topic and when they bring up anything else just point out that that’s unrelated to the GRA and ignore them. For many GC people GRA reform is just a spring board to talk about why trans healthcare should be banned or why Stonewall and other LGBT organisations should be shut down.

“Valid Concerns” by me at Katy’s Sh*t Cartoons



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Katy Montgomerie

Katy Montgomerie


Katy is a feminist, LGBT rights advocate, atheist, metalhead, insect enthusiast and trans woman