Twitter Protects Hate: How I Was Suspended For Defending LGBT Rights

This is the tweet that got me suspended
Dennis Noel Kavanagh was Legal Commentator at Lesbian And Gay News, a GC news site that recently shut down due to a lack of gay GC people
They know what they’re doing — reporting me for quoting the words of someone they’re defending. It’s very clear that my tweet isn’t “hateful conduct”.
I joined the Keffals Club in “ratioing” JKR. You can’t see the top tweet here because Dennis has me blocked, GC people don’t like trans people who argue back
HIV and AIDS still hugely impact the LGBT community, you should read more about it here.

What now?

If you find this as frustrating as I do then please contact @TwitterSupport. I’ve sent an appeal, but I don’t suppose making some noise about this will hurt. Sometimes people do get their Twitter accounts back, Dennis for example, but the system is so random and broken I don’t have much faith in it.



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Katy Montgomerie

Katy Montgomerie


Katy is a feminist, LGBT rights advocate, atheist, metalhead, insect enthusiast and trans woman