Sex Isn’t Binary And Immutable, But It Wouldn’t Matter (For Trans Rights) If It Were


The general overall “Gender Critical” (GC) argument is:

Why (B) Is False

C) The rational reasons that we segregate people in society, law or medicine sometimes is either to address what sexism they face, who finds them attractive, how society treats them or what medicine they need

Justifying (D)

What sexism you face is determined by how the perpetrator reads you. If an individual reads you as a woman and they are a misogynist then they may subject you to misogyny. If a system reads you as a woman and it is misogynistic then it may subject you to misogyny. While it is not true that only “passing” trans women face misogyny, it is much more complicated than that, it is trivially true that “passing” trans women do face misogyny and thus their “GC sex” being “male” isn’t enough to save them and that is all that is required for this argument.


It happens that (A) is false, but in a world where it was true why should a trans woman be banned from protections from misogyny when she faces misogyny? Why should a trans woman be denied protections from lesphobia if she faces it? Why should we pretend society treats her a certain way when it observably doesn’t? Worst of all, why should we base her healthcare on a body she doesn’t have?

A Katy’s Shit Cartoon arguing that protections from misogyny should be based on who experiences misogyny, not on whatever sex characteristic GC people are pretending is the only important one this week



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Katy Montgomerie

Katy Montgomerie


Katy is a feminist, LGBT rights advocate, atheist, metalhead, insect enthusiast and trans woman