I’m One Of These “Extremist” Trans Rights Activists, Here Are My Demands

Katy Montgomerie
2 min readApr 10, 2022

The media constantly talks about how extreme our demands are without ever actually saying what they are, so what actually are they?

The Trans Agenda, The Trans Taliban, Trans Rights Extremists, The Woke Mob… the British media likes to call trans people a lot of things for asking for equal rights. I get called all of this and much, much worse every single day. But do you even know what we are asking for? Well I can’t speak on behalf of all trans people, but I can tell you what I want and I can assure you that, as someone who has been very active in the trans community for years, I won’t get much push back on this at all from the vast majority of trans people. So here we go… I DEMAND:

  1. Trans adults and children have access to trans healthcare that meets the international guidelines set out by experts for free in a timely manner
  2. Trans women and girls continue to be protected to use women’s facilities like they have for decades
  3. “Conversion therapy” torture of trans adults and children be made illegal
  4. All current and historic practitioners of “conversion therapy” be prosecuted
  5. Non-binary people be legally recognized in official documentation and statistics
  6. Updating your birth certificate to use the same process as updating your passport or driving licence
  7. The central registry of all trans people with a Gender Recognition Certificate be destroyed
  8. Sporting organisations continue to make their own regulations per sport with the goal of including everyone in some way whilst maintaining fairness
  9. All hate groups lose charity status
  10. Everyone fuck off and leave us alone

There are some finer points, like updating the NHS system to understand that trans people exist so we can get non-trans related healthcare without hassle too. And obviously I’d love to see hate groups excluded from the conversation and all forms of prejudice eliminated. But this list is a clear and easily actionable list, some points don’t even need any action. One government could do this in one single term and it would totally turn trans people’s lives around with absolutely no negative fallout for cis people. It would be such an easy win, most of the public supports trans rights, the media would get bored after nothing negative happened.

Is this as extreme and unreasonable as you thought? Why are you calling us extremists and not the people who have said they wish to “eliminate transgenderism”?



Katy Montgomerie

Katy is a feminist, LGBT rights advocate, atheist, metalhead, insect enthusiast and trans woman