A List Of Unambiguously Transphobic Mainstream Gender Critical Positions

A lot of the argument about GC transphobia revolves around who is a “real woman”, but that’s uninteresting compared to their policies

Here are a list of mainstream “Gender Critical” beliefs and positions that are unambiguously transphobic:

  1. Wanting to ban trans women and girls from the women’s spaces that they use today for protection against the misogynistic sexism they face
An excerpt from Transsexual Empire by GC activist Janice Raymond

I’ll stop calling #GenderCritical people #transphobic when the majority of them stop holding plainly transphobic views. Maybe you disagree with every belief on this list, if so what makes you GC? If not then how can you possibly claim to not hold transphobic views?



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Katy Montgomerie

Katy is a feminist, LGBT rights advocate, atheist, metalhead, insect enthusiast and trans woman